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Web protection for kids on mobile networks

By Yves Le Jan | 22/08/2018
85% of Web traffic is encrypted Source: Google Transparency report More and more HTTP connections from phones are now encrypted. The share...
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Uber for Kids?

By Myros Allegre | 27/11/2017
Uber for Kids? Parents are busy, and kids are too, as they get older the demands for extracurricular actives also becomes more complicated....
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Fun Facts [Infographic]

By Myros Allegre | 27/10/2017
Fun Facts to Keep the Brain Connecting Did you ever wonder how long it takes the average person to fall asleep? Or how long it takes for...
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4 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Family

By Myros Allegre | 20/10/2017
It’s Halloween Time! Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids and adults alike. To help ensure that everyone has a fun time,...
Kid's Digital Life

Helping Kids Balance Screen Time and Learning

By Myros Allegre | 10/04/2017
Screen time woes “Screen time,” or the amount of time a child spends online or in front of an electronic device, is a topic that causes...
Kid's Digital Life

11 Tips for Managing Teens’ Screen Time Without Limiting Their Freedom

By Myros Allegre | 15/01/2017
Managing Your Teens Screen Time Perhaps one of the most frustrating things for today’s parents is trying to manage their teen’s screen...