The first age-adapted digital space for kids

Xooloo App kids transforms your device making it easy and safe to use by your little ones

An app which has been noticed
Xooloo App Kids won several awards since 2013.
Kids entertainment
Xooloo App Kids delivers content matching the age of your kid organised simply.
Pick which pictures and videos they see
Xooloo App Kids allows your kid to access specific pictures and videos, from the last holiday for example.
Stay in control
Setup Xooloo App Kids as you like it for your kid
Personalised app
There are as many ways to setup Xooloo App Kids as there are kids.
The est of your device
Your kids access the list of apps you selected directly on their home screen.

Fun Zone!

Your child can easily enjoy a selection of games and cartoons approved by you

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We give peace of mind to parents and a fun safe environment for your kids (internet, games, contacts, etc)

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and the icing on the cake…

Time Management

Set quota and time slots for each day of the week to limit the time spent on a device.


Your personal data and apps can’t be accessed.

Your Pocket

Stop in-app purchases and block access to Google Play ™
Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Your kid will love it!

Internet Our specialist selects something new every day for your kid

1st device Xooloo App Kids makes it safe for your kid to safely play with a phone or a tablet

Cartoons A down of cartoons are available on-demand

Games Xooloo App Kids features a list of the best games of the moment

Favorite apps You kid can also access any of the apps installed on your phone which you have selected for them to also use

The best of the Web

Xooloo selects kid’s favorite games, cartoons and Web sites

The best of your device

Pick the best pictures, videos and apps for your kids

Personalized kid phone

A phone fit for your child to make and take calls from selected contacts

… Family fun for everyone!

Quota and time slots Each app can be restricted for a max time of use as well as allowed time slots

Selection of games The best games are featured for you and your kids to pick from

Exit only with parent password Your kid can’t start browsing your phone content or calling your boss at random

Stay in control

Define time slots and max usage time for the device, e.g. 30 minutes per week or day, 1 hour during the week-end

Block payments

Disable access to the Google Play store and in-app purchases

Secure playground

Your child will enjoy all the fun apps you have selected in a secure environment protected by a parental code

Shared tablet

The app can be set to start automatically upon reboot

Xooloo App Kids
protects your handheld devices

Device settings are out of reach

Settings and personal apps are protected

Pictures and videos are secured

Your child can only access the pics and videos you have selected

Secure Internet browsing

Xooloo App Kids features a secure browser protecting your device from downloads and other inappropriate material

Contacts are safe

Your kid can only access the contacts you have selected

Cost efficient!

With Xooloo App Kids, your child can borrow your tablet or phone

  • Entertainment for kids

    Offer the best games and cartoons matching your child’s age

  • Kids are safe

    Secure Internet browsing with efficient filtering and a secure Web search

  • Your device is safe

    Protect your personal data
    Your settings, contacts, messages, apps are all secure…

  • Stay in control

    Select the apps your child can access and choose how much time they can spend on a device (daily or weekly)

  • No surprises

    Purchasing options can be blocked to ease your worries of accidental expenses

Xooloo App Kids Xooloo App Kids Premium
Features Free Premium
No advertising Yes Yes
Games Yes Yes
Parent code lock-down Yes Yes
Select specific apps Yes Yes
Select specific pictures & videos Yes Yes
Restrict time slots Yes Yes
Block Google Play Yes Yes
Select specific games Yes Yes
Get notified when kids ask for new games Yes Yes
Change wallpaper Yes Yes
Protect personal settings & data Yes Yes
Launch app automatically on boot Yes
Unlimited access to cartoons Yes
Secure Internet browsing Yes
Search engine access (Smartphone only) Yes
Limit time of use per day Yes