Transform your tech

For toddlers & small kids

Little kids love to grab mom and dad’s shinny smartphones and tablets to watch them light up, react to touch, play games and more. Sometimes they accidentally call your boss, delete all your contacts or dial 911 and think it’s fun!

So why not transform your smartphone or tablet into your child’s personal digital playground with Xooloo App Kids. Let your child grab your device, it’s fun, safe and child proof!
Xooloo App Kids sélection jeux et meilleur jeux pour enfants

Your child’s first digital space

Your child can easily enjoy a selection of applications, games, videos and other content approved by you. The rest of your device is protected with your parent code. Transforming your smartphones and tablets into a digital playground for kids!
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Family Tech

Creating a secure environment that allows your kids to use connected devices is fun but remember the importance of balance and being a digital role model for your kids. Introduce tech in moderation, choose fun apps your kids can be entertained or learn with.

Be involved in your child’s digital journey from the beginning of their first digital space to the time your kids become teens and independent responsible digital citizens.

Time quotas

Set screen time allowance through app settings.
Create those early healthy habits from the start!
Set screen time through Xooloo App Kids time settings

Xooloo Parents

Allows you to manage app settings and time management for Xooloo App Kids remotely. (Coming Soon)

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Safe and entertaining

Your child will always have a safe entertaining digital space you can trust while you remain stress free knowing your device settings, contacts, and other information are out of reach.
Disable In-App purchase and new application downloads.
Customization is made simple and always tailormade by you. Happy child, Happy Parents!

Great for your pocket!

With Xooloo App Kids, your child can borrow your smartphone or tablet. No need to buy another device!

Xooloo App Kids Xooloo App Kids Premium
No advertising Yes Yes
Games Yes Yes
Parent code lock-down Yes Yes
Select specific apps Yes Yes
Select specific pictures & videos Yes Yes
Restrict time slots Yes Yes
Block Google Play Yes Yes
Select specific games Yes Yes
Get notified when kids ask for new games Yes Yes
Change wallpaper Yes Yes
Protect personal settings & data Yes Yes
Secure Internet browsing & search engine Yes
Limit time of use per day Yes
Launch app automatically on boot Yes
Phone contacts selection Yes