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Web protection for kids on mobile networks

By Yves Le Jan | 22/08/2018

85% of Web traffic is encrypted

why it has become essential to support https for Web protection

Percentage of pages loaded over HTTPS in Chrome on Android by country

Source: Google Transparency report

More and more HTTP connections from phones are now encrypted. The share has been growing by about 1% every month, reaching over 80% in some countries. When it comes to enabling Web protection for kids, supporting HTTPS is therefore no longer optional. Yet, historically many Web protection solutions only offer network-centric solutions for the unencrypted part of the HTTP traffic.

Enjoy the Web safely

With our core-network solution, you can easily direct all HTTP / HTTPS traffic from devices used by children to our platform. Inappropriate content will be blocked automatically as needed, keeping the rest of the Web accessible to kids so that they can leverage the wealth of information and entertainment at hand. It’s all managed from your network so that customers don’t need to install anything.

No software is required on kids’ devices and the solution works on all devices, regardless of the operating system used.

The core-network approach was the original product from Xooloo and is still in use across a number of tier-1 mobile operators. It remains an interesting alternative to our award-winning client-based solution Xooloo Digital Coach if you are looking for a simple solution focused on mobile connections. You may have a legal obligation to offer Web protection for kids but it’s also a service worth promoting as a good portion of your future customers don’t have a smartphone yet.

Find out more about our solutions by contacting us. We can quickly arrange testing and share integration details with you and your team to help you decide which solution would be the best for you and for your customers, whether you would like to sell it on its own or bundle it with (some of) your offers.