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Discover Digital Coach, the app helping your kids keep their app usage in check, so you don’t have to.
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“A good plan would be to think of it as an accountability buddy app. Digital Coach lets people self-regulate their usage of apps, social media and the internet.”

“Allows parents to understand and participate in their child’s digital life.”

“The app is really aimed more at helping kids manage their online time rather than letting parents monitor each and every aspect of their kids’ digital lives.”

Xooloo’s mission

We believe technology is an opportunity for kids, which is why we’ve made it our mission to create digital services to help them transform the world

Digital Coach

A coaching app that empowers kids up to 12 or so to use their 1st smartphone more responsibly. It provides real-time insights and autonomous guidance to help them understand, manage, and self-regulate their own time spent connected.

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Xooloo Parents

Synced to your kid’s Digital Coach, discover how your child creates healthy digital habits, understand their usage norms and get coached on how to be fair and give your kid more autonomy in their digital life.

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Best of Innovation Honoree Award CES 2017

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