Signing in & installing

  • Why do I need to verify my email address ?

    Verifying your address is important to ensure there was no spelling mistake so that:
    – you can connect flawlessly from all our apps
    – we can send you a link in case you forget your password, which is important as we sometimes lock the uninstallation of our apps.

  • I haven’t received the activation email

    We take great care of our servers to ensure messages can be sent promptly and don’t get caught in filters. But just in case, have you had a look in your SPAM folder? Also we do see occasional spelling mistakes. If you haven’t received anything, please try signing-in again. If it doesn’t work, please email us.

  • Which app should I install on which devices ?

    We recommend you start by installing Xooloo Parents on parents’ phones, sharing the account with your partner. Then install Xooloo Digital Coach on devices used by children aged 7 or more. If Android devices are used by children under 7 like the living room tablet or your own phone, Xooloo App Kids is the appropriate app.

  • Is Xooloo Digital Coach compatible with my child’s device ?

    Digital Coach is compatible with:
    Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 or later
    iPad et iPhone devices running iOS 8.2 or later. Note: features available when kids use iOS are different from Android
    – PC running Windows 7 or later
    – Mac devices running macOS 10.9 or later
    Access all download links.


  • How do I subscribe ?

    To subscribe, please connect to your account and choose the relevant plan. If you use the Android version of Xooloo Parents, you can also click the “Subscribe” from the app.

  • Can I protect several devices with one subscription  ?

    Each license in your plan can be used on one device. Parents apps don’t use any license.

  • How do I recycle a licence on a new device ?

    If you no longer use a device, you can delete the license from Xooloo Parents or your account to use it with a new device.

  • How do I edit my payment details ?

    You can change your payment details at any time from your account. Note: we don’t store your details. Instead we send them to our payment partner and ask them to charge you for every recurring payment.

  • Payments aren’t working. What should I do ?

    Please contact your bank to check you haven’t reached the limit for Internet payments for the card. Alternatively please use another credit card.

  • I just subscribed and noticed a 2 EUR/USD payment on my card. Why ?

    Don’t worry. When you subscribe before the end of your free trial, our payment partner verifies your card with a small fee. This fee will be refunded shortly and your card will be charged for the plan you selected on the day your trial ends.

  • I’d like to change or cancel my subscription

    If you subscribed directly with us, you can adjust the number of licenses, change your next payment term (monthly/yearly) or cancel your subscription from your account. If you subscribed from the Apple App Store or from a partner, you’ll find a link to manage your subscription with them.