The Coach

For tweens & teens

Digital Coach was designed to help pre-teens and teens develop responsible digital habits with their smartphone and app time usage on their own using real time insights. Allowing kids a sense of autonomy in making healthy choices about how they spend their time connected.

Synchronized with Xooloo Parents, Digital Coach helps parents empower their kids to be responsible digital citizens.
Xooloo Digital Coach Trust & Secure for tween or teen

Encourage self-balance

For the first time kids can check how much time they are spending on apps, social media, internet, etc…, allowing them to understand their overall digital usage. Parents have access to the same report.


Like daily life, kids see the boundaries they should respect in their digital life. If modifications are made by a parent, kids are notified immediately… whether it’s good or bad news. There are never any surprises.
kids see the rules they should respect in their digital life

The coach is here!

The coach evolves with your child’s digital behavior and knows when they over use or are just right. Prompting the coach to offer guidance using real time insights based on usage and gives positive reinforcement when they are well balanced. Ensuring kids become responsible digital citizens on their own.

Get extra time

Ran out of time? No problem! kids can request extra time if they have or are about to reach their time allowance for the day. Parents are free to accept, decline, or negotiate it.
Kids can request extra time

Xooloo Digital Coach iOS

Available now in the App Store!

Parents you can now :

  • Review apps downloaded by your child
  • Set the maximum age rating for the App Store®
  • Protect Web navigation for all networks

Xooloo Parents

With our remote dashboard, parents can receive push notifications, observe apps, phone and text usage.

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A balanced digital life

With Digital Coach, your tweens and teens can benchmark and compare their app usage with other kids in the same age group. It allows them to understand if their use is too much or just right. If time allowances are set they can negotiate with their parents based on their good digital habits. The power is in the kids hands!

Encouraging independence

Help change the way your child uses their smartphone

Level of Internet filtering can be selected based on age kids can see the time permitted for apps, games, browsing and phone usage Non-intrusive & respectful of children's life