Your Family’s Digital World

For parents

Being a parent in today’s digital society is made simple through our trusted remote solution. Synchronized with Digital Coach, Xooloo Parents allows you to understand and participate in your child’s digital journey in a clever nonintrusive manner from your own phone.

Giving kids the best digital experience possible.
Select a child profile in order to check its usage

Positive Parenting

Teaching kids to be responsible digital citizens is made easy through transparent features you share through your kids smartphones and tablets (PC & Mac Coming Soon!)


From your smartphone, Digital Coach helps you to understand your child’s digital habits using real-time insights and benchmarks. With the right information, you can create and modify your child’s online and smartphone activities remotely.
With Xooloo's application for parents, parents can see their child phone usage

Shared Communication

Discuss and encourage kids to be mindful of their phone and app usage. Help them understand real time vs. screen time through shared built in monitoring dashboards.

Dialog & Modifications

Use real time in-app notifications to modify app and phone usage. Answer your child’s rule change requests and or send an “extra time” reward for their favorite app because your kids are great!
please mom
My room is clean and my homework is done
Ok dear. Ok but don’t forget to walk the dog. Love Mom

Dinner Time,
bye bye screen time!

Let’s face it, kids can be a little addicted to a screen. Gather your teens to the table with the hit of a button!

Make your home a mobile free zone making dinner time family quality time. Bon appetite!

Xooloo App Kids

Transforming parent’s tech into a child’s 1st personalized digital space

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Xooloo Digital Coach

Encouraging teens to be more responsible in their digital life is made easy with Digital Coach!

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Adjust time allowance as needed over time as your child’s use evolves and changes

Parents can decide to limit the use of applications of the phone of their kidsparents Parents are informed when their children install new applications on their phones Browsing safety on your child's phone can be set on your own phone with Xooloo Parents Your teen's privacy is respected Parents can block contacts and from calls or messages with Xooloo Parents