Giving Kids the Right Digital Experience

Xooloo Parents gives you a better way to connect with the people that matter to you most, your kids. Synced to Xooloo Digital Coach, or one of our other kid services, you’ll always be a hand reach away to accompany your child at every state of their digital life.

Be a Team Player

From your phone, get non-intrusive insights into how your kid spends their time connected without disrupting their digital independence so you can better understand and guide them.

Understanding Digital Usage

Discover how your kid’s digital usage compares to other kids the same age within the app so can see what true digital norms are to help you avoid making false assumption over fact.

A Positive Digital Connection

Never worry about what your kid is thinking because everything is transparent, both you and your kid share the same real-time information.


With Xooloo Parents, your kid’s Digital Coach will guide the way you parent their digital life in a fair and respectful manner so you can concentrate on what matters most, a trusting relationship with your kid.

Empowering Your Kids

Through your app, your kids get to show you they’re perfectly capable of being responsible with their digital use when you are on the side line to cheer them on.

Safe Internet

Giving your kid more autonomy in their digital world doesn’t have to be stressful. With our A.I. content analysis engine your kids are always safe online from inappropriate content.

Xooloo gives you better way to bond and empower your kids in their digital lives

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Xooloo Digital Coach

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Get coached then coach!

Let the Coach share tips to help you review & manage your child’s usage