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  • Garfield

    Age: 5 to 8-year-old

    Garfield is a lazy cat, greedy who hates mondays, who loves to eat, loves upset his owner, Jon and launched Odie the dog into the air. He thinks only of himself but knows sometimes listen to some others.

    Durée : 3 min 30
  • The Magic Roundabout

    Age: 3 to 6-year-old

    Synopsis :
    The Magic Roundabout is a carousel that is owned by Mr Rusty. One day a magical being called Zebedee arrives bringing magic to the area and costs a spell, ensuring children will return to play on the Magic Roundabout.

    Durée : 3 min 30
  • SamSam

    Age: 5 to 8-year-old

    Synopsis :
    SamSam est un petit héros cosmique doué de pouvoirs extraordinaires. Il chasse les monstres et affronte tous les dangers de l’espace, aux commandes de sa samsoucoupe et équipé de son Zigouilleur à gnons.

    Durée : 3 min 30

Xooloo TV is only available in the US, Uk and France. Garfield is only available in US and France. Little Brown Bear is only available in UK and France.

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