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5 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Screen Time

By Myros Allegre | 25/09/2017
Screen Time is great

Is Screen Time Really A Scary Thing?

We hear it all the time, “the internet is dangerous, social media is full of predators, smartphones cause screen time addiction!” But really? As a parent myself, I get it, the world of connected tech is intriguing as it is mysterious, but should I really go into panic mode the day my first born asks me for their first smartphone?

I think not and here is why:

I’m not my parents, I am not floating around in uncharted territory. I’ve been evolving alongside tech my entire life. From my first desktop, to first email account to a pager, to the Motorola Razer to the beginning of chatrooms, messaging apps and social media. I don’t need an expert to tell me how to handle my child’s digital life because I already know what it’s all about.

As part of a newer generation, we’ve all had time to explore, embrace technology and identify all the positive ways it can change our lives. We have real insights from our own experiences to understand the good, the bad and the opportunities that come with it. So why are we so quick to shut it down for our kids?

Parenting is not easy but it’s really easy to download a service to block and control our kids every move online vs. talking, teaching by example and being opened minded about what our kids will encounter throughout their young digital journey.

5 Reasons Not To Freak Out Over Screen Time

  1. Kids immersed in technology is the new norm.

    Don’t fight it, encourage the best use of it.

  2. Technology enhances creativity, develops their problem-solving skills and allows them to think not just critically but algorithmically too.

    Lighten up, they could be the next Elon Musk or Bankys!

  3. They might be doing homework…

    Kid’s use smartphones and other connected devices for research, look up something missed in class, tutorials and so on.

  4. Games won’t fry your kids brains

    Studies show a positive link between video games and brain development.The next time they’re playing a little extra Minecraft, remember the wonderful brain connections they’re building.

  5. It’s fun, entertaining and social.

    We can’t compare the way we socialized to the way kids do so now. The days of talking on the phone for hours are over, it’s about messaging, photos and expressing thoughts on posts.

The Norm

It’s normal to be a little glued, they will grow out of it and go on to be great responsible adults. Most importantly, if you’re doing your part in educating your kid about the risks, and the do’s and don’ts early on their probably going to be just fine.

As parents, we want to always protect and shield our kids, but over shielding and over reacting is more of a disservice to our kids than it is a teaching experience. Our job is to teach them the skills needed to make smart choices and be able to protect themselves when we’re not in bird’s eye view to do it for them.

Kids won’t grow up to be smartphone addicts or socially inept. Stop complaining and freaking out, sit down get involved and listen to all the different ways they like to use technology. Showing them their perspective matters goes a longer way than making unrealistic assumptions that could affect your relationship with them later.

If you can’t handle connected devices now how will you handle flying cars!